Workplace Safe Systems of work and Risk Assessments

Have you got your Safe System of Work in place for making a cup of tea? Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it but let’s look at this from a health and safety perspective. We have to break down the procedure for making a cup of tea. So what’s involved? 

Firstly what method are you using to make the tea? Are you using a kettle? A commercial water boiler? Are you boiling the water on a hob? The hazards you have here are electricity, fire, steam.

Once you have chosen the method now you have to boil the water. Boiling water is hot, very hot, so you are not going to want to come into direct contact with the water.

You have poured the water and stirred the teabag to make a beautiful cup of tea. Did you use a metal spoon, that’s a good heat conductor? If so you now have a hot spoon that will burn on contact. Additionally the cup will more than likely be hot. 

Now you’ve assessed the risks you can implement control measures to prevent injury:

  • PAT test the Kettle to ensure it is safe to use
  • Do not look directly over the cup while pouring the water to avoid steam burns
  • Use a plastic spoon to remove the risk of heat transfer
  • Make sure you use the handle of the cup, no handle? Use a cup sleeve
  • Let the tea cool down to avoid burning your mouth

Ok so that might have been a bit extreme but this is no different do ensuring your workforce have a safe method to undertake the works and all hazards have been eliminated to remove the risk. Our Advisors will come to your workplace and help with creating high quality Safe Systems of Work and Risk Assessments.

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