Why bother to use CIRAS

Why bother to use the CIRAS System?

Employees should be able to talk to their management if they feel something is going wrong in the workplace, right?

We will tell you why you should bother, CIRAS is Confidential Incident Reporting and Analysis Service. 

It not only improves overall safety, but also the business image too.

Where is CIRAS, how is it used and How does CIRAS ensure confidentiality?

CIRAS is a safety net that sits outside of the organisation where employees can confide in confidentially andd without the fear of being exposed.

What does it offer?

  1. It offers you a confidential reporting channel for health, wellbeing or safety concerns, it is also an anonymous service too.
  2. CIRAS Reporting Analysts are based in a secure room with carefully controlled access
  3. All CIRAS staff Analysts follow clear protocols to guard against confidentiality breaches. 
  4. Reporters’ personal information never leaves the office, any such information held electronically is removed after a report has been closed.

Businesses wanting to improve safety and welbeing.

Keeping your workforce, customers and the public safe and healthy is a key element of good business performance.

As a member of the CIRAS community you can tap into opportunities for improvement noticed by your people, but which otherwise remain hidden.

Reports raised confidentially overcome perceptions of fear or lost confidence in internal systems.

CIRAS can reduce risk and also improve overall safety culture by changing those perceptions.

Want to Join?

For more information visit CIRAS today, or contact one of our friendly team members who would be happy to help.

We can help you to set up CIRAS and all you have to do is choose a CIRAS Rep from your organisation.