Legionnaires Risk Assessing and Surveying

At HSQE Consultancy, we specialise in providing first-class Legionella risk assessment services, catering to a diverse range of buildings and establishments. Our goal is to offer expert advice and devise a detailed plan for preventive measures and continuous monitoring, ensuring your compliance with current legislation.

The presence of Legionella bacteria poses a significant health risk to employees, customers, and residents in any facility. It’s crucial to adhere to legal standards such as ACOP L8, HSG274, and HTM 04-01 (specifically for healthcare), to avoid substantial fines.

We take pride in delivering professional Legionella risk assessments that are comprehensive, user-friendly, and customised to meet the unique requirements of your premises. To ensure your building’s safety and legal compliance, reach out to our specialist advisors at HSQE Consultancy.

We’re ready to provide a thorough and effective Legionella risk assessment, tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive assessment and take a proactive step towards safeguarding your environment.

What is Legionella Bacteria?

Legionella is a bacterium that lives in natural water sources but that can also be found in artificial water systems. The largest potential risk of Legionella exposure, which can happen where breathable water droplets are spread, is the development of Legionnaires’ disease. This is a severe and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia.

What is a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Our Legionella risk assessment service involves a detailed technical review of your past evaluations and current records to determine if protective measures against Legionella have been effectively implemented. This comprehensive review encompasses both administrative and physical assessments. We meticulously examine existing documentation and conduct on-site inspections to ensure that all recommended safety protocols are in place and functioning optimally. Our aim is to provide a thorough understanding of your current Legionella prevention strategies, highlighting areas for improvement to enhance safety and compliance. Trust our expertise to safeguard your environment against Legionella risks.

What Does It Involve?

As Legionella experts, our trained engineers conduct thorough assessments of buildings and establishments, identifying and addressing potential Legionella-related issues efficiently.

Administrative checks:

  • A thorough review of your current records.
  • A thorough check of your previous assessments.
  • A consultation with everyone involved in controlling the bacteria.
  • A verification of management procedures and relevant paperwork.
  • Risk level assessment of people in the building, focussing on the age and health considerations of anyone on site.

Tour of the site:

  • A physical inspection of the water systems in your building.
  • An inspection of any place where aerosols have potential to be created.

We create a comprehensive report which will be sent to you in PDF format. Our management regulatory compliance system for monthly water checks collects, stores, analyses and communicates Health, Safety and Environmental compliance records on demand.

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