Are you a RISQS taker?


What is RISQS?

In short, RISQS stands for the Rail Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme. Are you a RISQS taker?

It is a supplier qualification service for businesses selling products and services to the Railway infrastructure, providing an open and fair way for buyers to formally recognise companies suiting their needs.  It is a highly recognised scheme across the Railway industry and shows a level of compliance throughout the business.

Do you work within the Rail sector?

You may have signed up already and not understand the full extent of what product codes you require, the audit process, portal upload or maybe even just what you need in place.

It can be daunting when you first register to RISQS to even understand the basic upload of documentation or even knowing where to start with the questions you will be asked. Will you need an audit? Where should I store this information? Who needs to be involved? Do I have the resources? Will the cost be worth it?

Katie – When I first started working within compliance in 2014 I didn’t understand the complexity of the data I was collecting or how to even manage this day to day. It wasn’t until 3 audits in alongside a consultant that I started to evaluate the impact certain processes or documentation had on the business.  At this point I could really utilise my time into organising the companies compliance and make a difference! If I could have had a helping hand I would have jumped at the chance! That’s why I am pleased to be part of a team that could offer this to even the smallest of businesses and help you achieve that accreditation that you have been dreading.

What HSQE Consultancy can offer

Here at HSQE we can help you! We can undertake external Audits prior to the RISQS audit or provide continual support to help you remain compliant throughout the year. Now, this doesn’t mean we do it for you, we’ll still need your help with gathering evidence as every company is unique and will benefit from standing on their own two feet, but who doesn’t like a little help!

We can provide managers and compliance assistants with over 15+years joint experience on RISQS compliance and implementing a useful Integrated Management System to control all company documentation and information.

If you feel you would benefit from our services then please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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