Accident and Investigations

Accident Investigation

Accidents and Investigations – Workplace accidents and incidents require investigation to prevent recurrence and provide valuable information for potential legal ramifications.

With many years of experience conducting investigations and delivering investigation training, the HSQE Consultancy Advisors will assist you in investigating workplace accidents and incidents.

Our Services

Accident Investigation and Scene Control: When you need an independent, competent, and professional investigation team or investigators, HSQE Consultancy will provide professional services. We do this in line with HSG245, which can be found HERE.

We do this by gathering crucial evidence, this is a critical element in any investigation and all HSQE Consultancy team members have the training and have a complete investigation toolkits, utilising Nationally recognised guidance for gathering and securing photographic and other evidence.

HSQE Consultancy can also offer the services of an investigation team lead, which, when in place, would manage or assist your internal team members in investigating all accidents and incidents. This allows effective coordination and cooperation of the gathering of evidence, you will achieve this by utilising our investigation process and mapping practises.


Accident and Investigations – HSQE Consultancy can also assist you in providing documentation and support services for you and your clients and discussing outcomes and arrangements with your insurance company and loss adjusters. An HSQE Consultancy Advisor will guarantee that relevant protocols for gathering, handling, and storing evidence follow appropriate protocols that will enable you to implement the recommendations effectively.

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