COVID safe at work 2021

COVID Safe – The Five ways to be COVID safe at work!!!

So you want ot know more about being COVID safe at work 2021?

From early 2020 to presently in 2021 has seen an increase more people working from home, although for some jobs, working from home is not an option.

Certain industries and working area, such as: Warehouses, Rail Projects, Construction sites and many other working sectors need a team of people to collectively come together and get the job done.

Throughout the pandemic, we need to mitigate and stay safe, so, how do we safely work together, when we need to follow government guidance, stay apart, and maintain social distance?

The Five stapes you can take as a guidance to be COVID safe at work.

  1. Check and lookout for symptoms.

To prevent or reduce the likelihood of a coronavirus outbreak within your workplace, you need to try to stop the virus from moving into your place of work.

One of the simplest ways is with a straightforward, before people arrive at work each day, check if they have any of the key symptoms (undertake a self-check).

See if a team member has been around any person who has the key symptoms. If they do, they should get tested and isolate immediately.

  1. Reduce entry.

You should cease all non-essential visitors.

For example: during the national and local lockdowns and in high-risk areas follow your local authority and government guidance.

Decreasing the number of people on site or in the workplace will reduce the risk and likelihood of a COVID-19 eruption and help with social distancing.

  1. Keep your distance and stay apart.

The government and the local authorities have beaten the drum regarding social distancing, it has been on every channel and all-over social media since the pandemic started.

It does not matter even if you are outside working, you should and must still follow social distancing guidance and keep workers as far away from each other as possible, current guidance in the UK is at least 2 metres, however this may still increase depending on circumstances.

Added controls, such as facemasks, face coverings and screens, can also be contribute to the reduction of the spread of the coronavirus.  This will help be be COVID safe at work 2021.

  1. Keep exposure to a minimum.

Whilst we manage the situation, we still need to work, so at home and work we have bubbles (or working bubbles you can call it).

The reason, in certain jobs situations we are not always able to keep everyone separate such as emergency services, like the NHS or Fire Service and Police for that matter, even at your own workplace.

Just image if there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in your working bubble, you can isolate that particular groups and prevent further spread.

On sites that are much busier, you might also want to stagger shifts. There is time when you would need to do this.

Try to make sure that you keep the working bubble the same.

What we mean by this is keep the same people in the bubble on shifts together.

The reason, is so that you can reduce the number of different people a worker has contact with.

Make sure the bubble can work autonomously and without the interaction of others.

  1. Keep it clean.

The COVID-19 virus can spread on all surfaces and stay there for a period of time.

Frequent hand washing can help us enhance our personal safety and make us safer, especially before we sit down to eat, drink, or touch our faces.

We can also pay extra attention to communal areas and high touch areas such as, handles, windows, reception areas and light switches, the list goes on.

Whenever a person or group moves on to another area or touches an item of equipment, all touchpoints should be thoroughly cleaned so that they can be used by other workers.

Why not set up cleaning regimes, such as a take 5, take 5 minutes to clean, set cleaning times, like when you enter the workplace, middle of the day and at the end.

Taking 5 minutes will help fight the virus and make you and everyone else safer, social distancing to make your workplace COVID-secure.

Why not contact us today to get more information on becoming COVID-19 Secure.

Remember COVID safe at work 2021.